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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  November 9, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm CST

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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight shtarring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests --
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lily collins -- musical guest, mart wainwright -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 567, toledo! yeah! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hi! welcome! welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome to the "tonight show," everybody. welcome. this is it! you made it! you're here! [ cheers and applause ]
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about. cours-- [ laughter ] the big story is that america woke up this morning and was like -- >> steve: did i do that? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's right. donald trump is going to be president. republicans hope he'll keep his promise to build a wall, and democrats hope he'll keep his promise not to accept the election results. [ cheers and applause ] "you don't have to do it. you said you'd" -- after the results came in, donald trump gave a big victory speech. yep. he said he couldn't have done it without the love of his life, his rock, his better half, fbi director james comey. [ laughter and applause ] and president obama called donald trump last night to congratulate him, even invited him to the house for a meeting tomorrow. of course, it was hard to understand obama because at the time, he was eating 80 pieces
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[ lahter and applause ] "yeah, oh, just come by. i'm, uh, really looking forward to it." and this probably didn't surpri a lot of people, but trump also received congratulations from russian president vladimir putin. [ audience boo's ] he spent two minutes on the phone discussing politics, then an hour saying, "no, you hang up." [ russian accent ] "no, you hang up." [ trump voice ] "no, you hang up." [ russian accent ] "no, you hang up." [ laughter and applause ] "no, you." [ applause ] of course,his means that rly next year, trump will be moving into the white house, and he will become the first president who moves nd hangs up his own portrait. [ laughter and applause ] "i'll put this right here." [ laughter ] another big story to come out last night was how bad the polling was but the people who worked in the polling industry said that they're going to go back and figure out what they did wrong, thepresentheir findings at the cleveland browns super bowl parade. [ applause ] actually, i read that the polls may have been off because the shift of cell phones made it harder to collect data from people. and hillary said, "they seemed
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collecting data from my phone." [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: ey-yo! ho! >> jimmy: and did you see the cake they had at trump's election night party? it was terrifying. take a look at this thing. this is real. [ laughter ] what? >> steve: what? >> jimmy: here's what people had to say about it. first, donald trump said, "tonight isn't about cake, and also that thing doesn't even look like me." [ laughter ] then reince priebus said, "we have more important things to worry about." finally, chris christie said, "where exactly is the cake right now?" [ laughter and applause ] we have a great show tonight! [ cheers and applause ] give it up for the roots! ?? ?? >> jimmy: oh, thank you so much.
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a crazy day. some people are sad. some people are scared and nervous. some people are happy. i think most people are just exhausted. but as president obama said, "no matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning." and this morning i was walking around new york city, and this guy came up to me, and he said, "hey, we're going to need some laughs tonight." and that's what we do. my job is to come out here every night and try to make you laugh and take your mind off things for a while. so, i hope that no matter how you're feeling, you can turn on "the tonight show," and we'll put a smile on your face. that's what we try to do. [ cheers and applause ] we'll be here for you if you need us. and, ithan'mo ul you're there for us, too. thank you so much for >> steve: yeah! >> jimmy: we have a fun show. [ cheers and applause ] fun show tonight. this guy's one of the best actors around. he's just great in everything, including his starring role in the new movie, written by j.k. rowling, "fantastic beasts and where to find them." the amazing eddie redmayne is here, ladies and gentleman.
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plus, she stars in the new warren beatty movie, "rules don't apply." the beautiful lily collins is stopping by. >> steve: oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: and we have great music. oh, i love her. oh my gosh. we have martha wainwright right here tonight! >> steve: yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: good night city. i've seen martha in concert so many times. she tears the house down. um, yeah. tears the house down, is that -- >> steve: sure, why not? >> jimmy: yeah. laer you guys are on twitter, right? do you use twitter? [ cheers ] we just twitter on our show every single week. so, we do this thing every wednesday where i send out a a hashtag, and we ask you guys to tweet out things based on a a topic that's been in the news. so, since people voted to legalize marijuana in california, massachusetts, and nevada yesterday, i went on twitter and sent out a hashtag called "new weed laws." [ laughter ] so, for example, i think a good new weed law would be that white castles will have to legally stay open 24 hours --
10:41 pm
and allow pet iguanas on the premises. >> steve: yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well, we want to hear some of your ideas. all you have to do is tweet one using the #newweedlaws. or you can post them on our facebook page as well. just keep it short-ish. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. and if we like it, it could be on the show tomorrow. so thank you for those tweets. [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: oh! >> jimmy: yeah. guys, we're in week 10 of the nfl season, and the big sunday night football matchup is between the new england patriots -- [ cheers ] and the see [ cheers ] right here on nbc. now, as you know, at the end of every season, they give out awards, like "most valuable player." but they also give out awards during the season, sort of, like, the ones in high school yearbooks, like "most likely to succeed," "class clown," stuff like that. so, with that in mind, it's time for "tonight show superlatives." here we go. [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> jimmy: our first player is
10:42 pm
seattle seahawks. he was voted "most likely to be standing under a magnet." >> steve: wow. [ laughter ] i am telling garry. >> jimmy: it's a rare, it's a a rare one. >> steve: a rare one. >> jimmy: next up in the seahawks is joey hunt. he was voted "strongest lunch lady." >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: that's a, that's a -- [ laughter ] >> steve: "try the cole slaw!" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: next up from seattle is john ryan. he was voted "most likely to see a stick of butter and say, 'dad?'" [ laughter and >> steve: really? i'd give him an award. >> jimmy: an award, yeah, he got an award. >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: here's joe cardona. he was voted "most likely to look like this while he watches you take a bite of the beef casserole he made." [ laughter and applause ] "yeah?" >> steve: "and?" >> jimmy: "and?" >> steve: "yeah, you like it?" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: next up from the seahawks is j'marcus webb. [ laughter ]
10:43 pm
take a bite of a joe cardona's beef casserole." [ laughter and applause ] "it's good. he made it." >> steve: "special ingredient." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: next up from new england is james develin. he was voted lumberjack gumby. [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: next up is seattle quarterback, russell wilson. [ cheers ] he was voted most likely to eat macaroni and cheese then say, "sorry, thighs." [ laughter ] next we have rob ninkovich. he was voted "most likely to usan [ laughter ] is that possible? >> steve: is that a thing? >> jimmy: is that a thing? i don't know. >> steve: flannel toiler paper? >> jimmy: next up from the from the patriots is ted karris. he was voted "most likely to get kicked out of an apple store for yelling, 'nerd!'" [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: "get out of my way!" >> jimmy: finally from the patriots is jimmy garapalo. he was voted "sexy aladdin." there you go! >> steve: wow! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: those are your "nfl superlatives." we'll be right back with eddie redmayne, everybody! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: oh, thank you very much. welcome back. what a crowd. what a crowd tonight. [ cheers and applause ] we are joined right now by a a tony, a golden globe, academy award-winning actor. you know him from movies such as "the danish girl," and "the theory of everything." starting next friday in theaters as well as imax, you can see him in a big new movie written by j.k. rowling. it is called "fantastic beasts and where to find them." please welcome back to the show, eddie redmayne! [ cheers and applause ] ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ]
10:49 pm
welcome, welcome, welcome back. thank you for coming to see us, buddy. >> thank you for having me. >> jimmy: looking sharp as always. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i should say, this is a -- what a great -- it's been two years since i've seen you. >> it doesn't feel like it. >> jimmy: it doesn't. but in the two years that i didn't see you, you won a a golden globe, you won an oscar, and most impoantly you had a baby, and you got married. [ cheers and applause ] that's unbelievable. >> i'll stay away more often. >> jimmy: you should stay away from our show more often, yes. in fact, jusav eddie redmayne, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] he's leaving. good evening, goodbye. thank you for being here. this is a giant movie. >> you know what? for me, what i kind of loved about this film is, you know it being a j.k. rowling film and going back to that kind of potter-verse, that it was going to be a scale to it. but all the people involved from jo, and the director and producer, they worked on those films. and so they're so calm and confident that they make you feel like you're making an indie movie.
10:50 pm
make it appear that you're -- despite the scale of the set, it felt kind of small and intimate, which is great. >> jimmy: no way that felt small. >> really? it technically did. >> jimmy: i mean, it is one of the biggest movies i've ever seen in my life. i mean, i look at it and go, this is so expensive. [ light laughter ] >> wow! >> jimmy: i mean, there's nothing -- i mean, what is real, besides you? [ light laughter ] >> well, i have like a pretty awful imagination. so fortunately, i thought a lot of it was going to be cgi things. and some make believey things. >> jimmy: oh right. >> and quite a lot of it was built. when we got the script, it was set in new york in the 1920's. and my wife and i were so excited. we got to come here, you know. and they were like, it's shooting in watford, just outside of london. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. >> but they built a pretty phenomenal version of 1920's -- >> jimmy: well, we live here. yeah. >> let you guys here, yeah. >> jimmy: really did a great job. i'm like, there's no way you can film this now, because you got to shut things down these streets like that don't exist. cobblestone -- it's e 1920's. >> yeah.
10:51 pm
but then there are all these fantastic beasts -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: -- that are just insane. and honestly, frightening. >> yeah. >> jimmy: some of them are, you know, completely. i was like, oh -- oh, that's not real. [ laughter ] i mean, but i don't even -- i wouldn't, that's why i'm not in the movies. [ laughter ] >> that i can see. >> jimmy: i audition. i audition. >> i thought it was pretty convincing. >> jimmy: oh, my god! [ laughter ] it's so scary. but i really was like -- i don't know how you would act to those things when they're not there. >> well, they had all these sort of weird and wonderful techniques that sometimes you were -- you were like acting with gigantic puppets. on "war horse." like, created these huge puppets. and then sometimes you were just talking to -- like your imaginary friend on your hand. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, like when you're petting them. the giant bird. >> giant bird. that one's good. >> jimmy: that one's good? >> that was so convincing. >> jimmy: see? i can be in the sequel, if there's a sequel. [ cheers and applause ] awful. you're just making me feel good. but i mean -- i thought, what a a mind that j.k. rowling has. and how creative is that human being. >> it's pretty formidable. >> jimmy: and it's rowling, not rowling.
10:52 pm
>> jimmy: rowling, that's right. >> and i -- >> jimmy: she's come to the set? >> she did come to the set. and i had this sort of -- i basically suffer from this like verbal diarrhea thing, that if i get nervous, i just talk. and it happened when i met stephen hawking. and it was really embarrassing, because it takes a while for him to speak. and so i just talked at him for 25 minutes. [ laughter ] the same thing happened. the same thing happened with j.k. rowling. we met. and we only had an hour before we started filming. and i had to know everything about newt. and i found myself off like 25 minutes. and i was like, and my inner stop talking. [ laughter ] let the woman speak. >> jimmy: yes, she's real good at it. >> but she's extraordinary. yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: but she's creative. everything -- i mean, people are going to love it. i mean, if you haven't read the book, you should go see it and check it out in imax and just would be amazing to see it in imax. but, you get in the suitcase. >> yeah. >> jimmy: there's a whole world. it's just -- everything is so creative and cool. dan fogler? >> dan fogler, we love dan fogler. >> jimmy: he's so funny, man. i love him. he's doing well? >> he's doing extraordinarily well. so dan plays a muggle in the film.
10:53 pm
>> jimmy: nomag. >> a nomag. american term. good terminology knowledge. >> jimmy: ank you. yeah, yeah. [ light laughter ] >> and i love dan. >> jimmy: i read the first two harry potters. [ light laughter ] so i know. no, i'm just kiting. i read all of them. come on, yeah. [ light laughter ] >> but dan is like a, you know, he's an extraordinary stage actor and comedian. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and we had this hilarious thing where we tried come off playing these quite serious parts and trying to get like really method on it. and i'm playing newt scamander who is a zooologist. i was like -- i said to the director, i need to go meet creatures and people that of time with animals. and occasionally on set, i'd be going, david, would yo u just tell me again, like specifically what sort of breed of hippogriff? [ laughter ] you know, what sort of -- and like, and dan was doing none of that, but was acting so much better than i was. [ laughter ] he was like, dude, it's a a frickin' big dragon. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's a frickin' big dragon, okay? jeez. >> calm down. >> jimmy: but you -- you had to do this crazy, not a spoiler, but like a mating dance. [ laughter ]
10:54 pm
[ cheers ] this is why you're great. i don't know. i couldn't have -- how did you come to learn those exact moves? did you -- is that research -- >>ry to work out. judgment. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what was the research behind -- no, no. like what was that? the director just saying, eddie, do this? no? >> no, it was just a mating mome ithscript in which -- so one of the wondful things about j.k. rowling's scripts is the dialogue is not only -- she's written the script herself. and the dialogue is not only wond ful, but all the description in between is kind of so intricate and detailed. and there was this scene which it just goes, and newt performs mating dance. and i was just reading, got a a newt performance mating dance. [ laughter ] two words that never filled me with so much -- >> jimmy: you don't want to google that either. >> you know what. >> jimmy: no, yeah, trust me. [ light laughter ] get fired. >> but i did, of course. i went and looked on like weird random bird mating calls.
10:55 pm
would send to the director. they were the most humiliating things you've seen in your life. [ laughter ] and i'd wait the most painful like five hours and he would respond going, "if i'm going to be seducing this huge rompant, which is a kind of rhino meets elephant. >> jimmy: yeah. >> on heat. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and so occasionally he would respond after three hours going, i'm not sure it's quite seductive enough, you know. [ light laughter ] and so -- yeah, basically it was really humiating. [ laughter ] but i can teach it to you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: no, no. i don't want to steal -- i wouldn't steal your thunder. >> i love the mood. love the mood. >> jimmy: what can i do? what do i do? [ cheers ] [ light laughter ] >> quick question. >> jimmy: yeah. >> how tight are your pants? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: they're pretty tight, yeah. i wear tight pants, yeah. >> mine are quite tight too. this could be catastrophic, okay. [ laughter ] so we're trying to seduce this huge, hornfemale magical
10:56 pm
>> jimmy: hmm. [ laughter ] >> a it, and it -- >> jimmy: where are you looking? where are you looking? where are you? where's your eyes that made you look? >> i think there's a lady right at the back, up there. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. okay. >> so it starts with the foot, okay. so you take, you take -- no, it starts with the core. you have to give it 100%. there's no mini committing here. [ laughter ] [ talking over each other ] >> jimmy: yeah. [ cheers and applause ] [ screaming ] [ cheers and applause ] >> all right, good. from that, you take your right leg, right leg -- >> jimmy: yeah. >> -- really high. and you're looking at the one you're trying to seduce. >> jimmy: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> you come over. and you slam that down. yeah, good. [ laughter ] [ cheers ] now right now, this is the seduction part. >> jimmy: oh, that wasn't it? >> no. [ laughter ] with the side of your foot, just pull that back. you're pulling her in. [ laughter ] yes. cheers and applause ] [ screaming ]
10:57 pm
off your best side. so you turn that around. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: here's eddie redmayne in "fantastic beasts and where to find them," in theaters and imax next friday! look at this clip. >> you're the guy with a case full of monsters, huh? i was ping if you'd tell me if there's any sightings. tracks, that sort of thing. >> you've got a pretty big price on your head, mr. scamander. why should i help you? instead of turning you in. >> i take it i'll have to make it worth your while. >> just consider it a cover
10:58 pm
because this offer and more than that. wait a minute. that's a bowtruckle, right? >> no. >> oh, come on. they pick locks. am i right? >> you're not hurting him. >> well, good luck getting back alive, mr. scamander. what with the whole macusa on your back. >> jimmy: fantastic. "fantastic beasts and where to find them." now, eddie, you've known tonight's other guest lily collins for a long time and you challenged her to a a game of trivia on our show. are you feeling sharp? >> i'm feeling sweaty. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: okay, perfect. [ cheers and applause ] we're going to play a game called know-it-all after the break. stick around, everybody! it's good. [ cheers and applause ]
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what game? okay. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
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?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back! i'm here with eddie redmayne right now. starting next friday, you can see him in the new movie, "fantastic beasts and where to find them." right now, we're about to play a game called "know-it-all." ?? ? know it all know it all knt >> jimmy: eddie's going to need an oonent tonight and we've got a good one her her new movie "rules't apply," comes out on november 23rd. please welcome lily llins! ? know it all ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: old buddies. old buddies. >> come on. >> jimmy: hug it out. >> nice. >> because i'm the best guest here. >> jimmy: here's how the game works. each round you're going to choose a category from this board. and then we're going to take turns naming something in that
11:04 pm
your clock counts down when it's your turn. and whoever's clock runs out first loses that round. >> that's quite complicated. >> yeah i know i'm just going to follow your lead. >> jimmy: yeah. if you can't think of anything in the category you can bluff and make something up. >> right. >> okay. >> jimmy: you're just confused. now -- if you make something up, you can press the challenge button if youe something up, you can press the challenge button but if your opponent hits this challenge button -- [horn sound] and successfully that round. let's take a look at tonight's categories. they are, body parts, harry potter characters -- [ cheers ] pop singers, herbs and spices, french words -- [ chee ] and animals with tails. lily, why don't you pick the first category. >> okay. harry potter. >> jimmy: really? [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm just going to go right in there. >> jimmy: now, this is any
11:05 pm
now what you do is you say your character name and then you press your button so then their timer will go down. lily, you go first. >> dolores umbridge. >> albus dumbledore. >> hermione. >> ron weasley. >> harry potter. >> fred weasley. >> dobby. >> the sorting hat. [ laughter ] >> mad-eye moody. >> fleur delacour. [ laughter ] >> draco malfoy. >> lucius malfoy. >> moaning myrtle. >> that's a really good one. yes. death eater one. >> death eater four. >> hagrid. >> oh -- oh [bleep]. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no! that's a wrap. [ cheers a applause ] >> practically letting me win that one really. that wasn't bad. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that was -- that character is not in the book yet. [ laughter ] that is in the newest film.
11:06 pm
eddie, why don't you pick the next category. >> right. how about -- body parts. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: body parts. this is any part of the human body. eddie, when you're ready, name a bo part. >> head. >> knee. knee. >> elbows. >> knees. >> i said knees already. [horn sound] >> jimmy: oh! [ all shouting ] ?? [ cheers and applause ] alright, we're all tied up, you guys. this is the final round. this is worth quadruple the po. >> come on college. >> jimmy: i will choose the category. let's make it pop singers. [ cheers ] now, here's the deal. you have to name any well-known pop singer past or prese but in this category, you must sing all of your answers. [ laughter ] >> that wasn't part of the game. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah! i love it. all right. start us off whenever you're ready, lily.
11:07 pm
>> jimmy: rihanna. >> mariah carey. >> jimmy: christina aguilera. >> ariangrande. >> jimmy: brittney. >> justin beiber. >> jimmy: taylor swift. [ laughter ] >> drake. >> jimmy: meghan trainor. >> avril lavigne. >> jimmy: lorde. [ laughter ] >> i think he said that. katy perry. >> jimmy: gaga. >> madonna. [horn sound] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh! the winner! fantastic! our thanks to eddie redmayne and lily collins. really sorry, buddy. we're talking to lily after the break! stick around, everybody! [ cheers and applause ]
11:08 pm
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>> jimmy: you know our next guest from films like "the blindside" and "mirror mirror." later this month, you can catch her in the giant new movie, "rules don't apply," in theaters wednesday november 23rd. please give a warm welcome to the lovely lily collins, everybody! ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i have to know that -- how did you and eddie meet? how are you guys friends? how long have you known each other? >> oh, it's -- god, what now -- like over ten years, i think. a long time. >> jimmy: to you young people, yeah. that is a long time. yeah, ten years. >> my mom used to host -- or she still does -- photo shoots in our backyard for certain magazines. and i came home one day from school and eddie was just by the grass, and like a fake
11:14 pm
and i came home from school and i was like, who is that? oh, it's this young actor/model eddie redmayne. and i was like oh, cool. so we just like hung out in my back yard and then cut to -- it was a couple weeks later during award seasons, when the brits come for award season, they kind of comto -- what do you call it? >> eddie: we cling together. >> you cling together. you come to all the parties and it was on of the like the hollywood parties. and all of a sudden i saw him and he saw me and it was like i was the girlhose bar was in. and he was the model that was in my back yard. it we whik are you doing here? what are you doing here? it was weird. >> jimmy: so now you're friends. >> we just kept seeing each other at these parties. and then we developed a a friendship. and now it's past ten year >> jimmy: that's so good. i love it. >> eddie: the shoot ended up, i remember it was for "vogue" magazine, and it ended up being killed. i think anna wintour was like, you lookidiculs, you're jumping around behind some very beautiful girl and you look absurd. [ ughter
11:15 pm
>> oh by the way, which was very -- being backstage, w were -- it was -- you know, it was very sexy. >> jimmy: oh, thank you. you were looking at me. appreciate that. [ laughter ] i have to thank you, by the way, because your dad was just on our show, phil collins. and you -- [ cheers and applause ] you helped us with that. >> you guys rock. >> jimmy: oh the roots -- >> you killed it on the drums. >> jimmy: are fantastic. >> you killed it. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: can you give a little taste of the drum fill? ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ] so good. we were freaking out -- last time you were on, you were like, hey -- >> oh, like every time i've been on, i've told you, i'm like i'm going to get him out of retirement. like i'm going to get him on the ow. it became like a goal, slightly like a joke. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and then it must have finally worked. i don't know. >> jimmy: it was fantastic. he was great. he wore like a pop collar, he was wearing like a golf shirt. >> that's all i kept hearing about is this pop collar. ke he had -- like a lo pop --
11:16 pm
>> jimmy: ye, likee just rocked it all. love it. >> and like he didn't feel the need to dress up. but popping the collar changed everything. >> jimmy: oh it was the best. everyone was blogging about it, talking abouit. >> i'm surprised it wasn't an abercrombie shirt, though. because my dad and i, fun fact, used to shop at abercrombie d fitch together. >> jimmy: i use to work there. >> you spray the perfume? >> jimmy: i was the -- i was the shirtless model. hello. [ cheers and applause ] [ laughter ] >> well, you were my dad's inspiration. [ laughter ] you were his inspira. no but we used to -- he useto like a shirt, they'll buy it like in the same color or ten versions of it -- >> jimmy: of course. >> so my dad -- i loved abercrombie, so he started wearing cargo pants and like the polo shirts. so i was surprised that it wasn't an abercrombie. times are changing. >> jimmy: are those stores i got that in this book here? "unfiltered." congratulations on this. >> thank you. no, this is my new book. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: stories or -- >> no, it's a -- it's a a collection of essays and
11:17 pm
about what it is to become a a young woman. and i discuss lots of taboo things that girls don't like to talk about, but the second that we do, we realize we're not alone and we're not crazy. so funny stories at time. it's really dark. it's kind of -- i'm only i'm not saying i know everything, but these are the things i've learned up until now. >> jimmy: i love that. good for you. >> yeah, thanks. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: so, tell you about is movie, "rules don't apply," warren beatty, i mean, howard hughes. i'm so excited about this. >> i was hearing about that many years ago. i mean, we both were just -- it was in the aura. everyone knew about this movie. he was telling me stories about what he heard. i was like -- that's crazy. that wld be a dream. people going to his house for eight orine hours for meetings. and you think, what is that? >> jimmy: and then you ended up in the zone -- >> and i ended up doing it. it was so strange. >> jimmy: how is warren beatty? he's a pretty intimidating guy when you meet him. >> yeah. but then, he's -- he's going to be on here in a couple of weeks, right? >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. >> yeah, so you'll be
11:18 pm
i laughter ] ways am with my guests. >> no, but he's so warm. i mean, the way that it all happened is i was in hair and makeup at my apartment getting ready for a premiere for "mortal instruments." and my agent called me and said warren beatty wants you to call him at home right now. and i was like, what are you talk -- like what are you talkout?ing ab he gave me a phone number and i called it. and warren beatty picks up the phone, and said, i told you to never to calmy house. i was like -- thought it was a a joke. i could not fire outhat this was. and he goes, i'm just in ly. what's going on? >> jimmy: ohh my god. [ laughter ] >> i was like, oh, my god! what is this? and so he's like i have to -- >> jimmy: i would have freaked out. >> i freaked out. he's like, i have to meet with you. and i said well, i'm sorry, i don't have like six hours. i have -- i'm leaving for a a press tour, i have like 20 minutes tomorrow. so we ended up -- we ended up meeting in the same backyard i met eddie in. warren came to my mom's house. and we thought it was neutral territory, it was very close by. and my mom, of course, freaked out. she said, can't have him here, the house is a mess.
11:19 pm
what are we going to drink? >> jimmy: warren beatty. >> exactly. so she called a friend of hers who ppened to have known someone that worked for him who gave her a list of all these things that he ate and drank. so her fridge was fully stocked full of warren beatty's favorites. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: a little stalkerie, yeah. >> okay, we just wanted to now -- she was like anything i can do to help you get the part. you know. and i was like, okay, i don't think a soda's going to help, but -- [ laughter ] you never know in this day and age. >> jimmy: you never know. yeah, you never know. >> a fresca or coke could really sth so, he gets there. and we sit down. he's like, do you want anything to eat or drink? and he's like just a bottle of water. [ laughter ] she's like, nothing? d she lists off everything. >> jimmy: how about i call fresca. maybe that will do the trick. >> and he just, he just -- y know, he just didn't even ever touch the r bottle, so. >> jimmy: was it worth all that food? >> all of that food is still in there. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: exactly, you framed it. but congrats on the film. >> thank you. >> jimmy: it's such a giant film as well and so many stars in the movie.
11:20 pm
>> jimmy: but it's exciting to watch. yeahit's really -- every other scene, someone else pops up, you go, oh, my gosh! i love thaperson. i want to show a clip. here's lily collins in "rules don't apply." a look at this. >> i feel ol >> old? >> i mean, wouldn't you say in hollywood as a rule, when you've been here as long as i have, that you should have already more or less shown what you can do? let's be honest, maybe i'm not the right girl for this. i mean, aren't you supposed to have big bosoms and be sexy and casual about everything? i'm a square. i can't really a i can't dance. i can write songs but i can't really sing. a movie actor should sing songs not write them. wouldn't you say that's true? i mean, as a rule, i mean, in this town, aren't those the rules? >> what? >> come on frank, you know the rules. >> you're an exception. the rules don't apply to you. [ cheers and applause ]
11:21 pm
congrats to both of you. lily collings. "rules don't apply" is in theaters, november 23rd. we'll be right back with a a performance from martha wainwright! [ cheers and applause ] ?? yea. look at us! we're twinsies! i know who you guys are rooting for. old navy! we're all wearing old navy. but they're not a team.
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?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: come back tomorrow night. her new movie, "arrival" hits theaters this friday. academy award nominated amy adams will be here. [ cheers and applause ] joe buck will be here. he's great. [ cheers and appuse ] chris stapleton. then on friday we have jeremy renner, michelle dockery, and magic from my man, david blaine. [ cheers and applause ] it's going to be good. good week. speaking of good. speaking of great, tonight's musical guest is a talented singer/songwriter, whose new album is out this frid performing "around the bend," ease welcome martha wainwright! [ cheers and applause ]
11:27 pm
? i've been going round the bend i've been taking lots of pills and things ? ? i've been seeing him again there are things i've seen and done that i would not ? ? wish on anyone i go to bed at dawn when you'd wish it would rain ? ? wash away the pain i used to do
11:28 pm
but now i only ? ? do the show i like to get paid i never get laid people are too afraid ? my white lies watch out for my creativity i've been around the ? ? world and back again i still can't get those cards to win
11:29 pm
? think of the little children love is not what you thought it was ? ? bring back the night we met remember what my eyes looked like then ? ? and why you thought i can never see you again cause i have don? ? everything i can to do the right thing
11:30 pm
to the wronge ? ? of things watch out for the night sky playing tricks on your mind watch out for ? ? my white lies been around the world and back again i still can't get those ? ? cards to win i've been going round the bend ? [ cheers and applause ] jimmy: martha wainwright! [ chnd aeers alause ]
11:31 pm
we'll be right b [ cheers and applause ] i love this.
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?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to eddie redmayne, lily collins, martha wainwright, once again, ladies and gentlemen! and the roots from philadelphia pennsylvania! [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers thank you for watching. have a great night. i hope tsee yotomorrow. thank you so much. ??
11:36 pm
11:37 pm
[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- wendy williams, host of msnbc's "all in," chris hayes, music from lukas graham, at ?? [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening, everybody. how are we doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] well that was a real grain the [ bleep ] [ laughter ] and i'm sorry to use foul language like that but last i checked the elecral college


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